How to Replace a Social Security Cards in New Jersey

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Each individual born in the United States is issued a unique Social Security number. This number is printed out on a card and mailed to the recipient upon application. Because applications are usually made when a baby is born, it is likely that the card may become lost before the baby reaches adulthood. If you live in New Jersey, and you lose your Social Security card, you can obtain a new one.

Visit the Social Security Administration's local office search page (See Resources) to find the closest New Jersey Social Security Office.

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Download and print Form SS-5: Application For A Social Security Card (See Resources). Fill this form out.

Go through your personal documents and find a document that proves your identity, and another one to prove your U.S. citizenship. Good documents to use include driver's licenses, passports, VISAs and birth certificates.

Take your Form SS-5, document proving your identity and your document proving U.S. Citizenship to the closest New Jersey Social Security Office. Hand the documents to the clerk.

Wait for the Social Security Office to review your documents and mail them back to you. Shortly after that you should also receive your new Social Security card in the mail. Your Social Security number will remain the same. Only the card will be new.


  • You may only request a new Social Security card up to 10 times in your life.


  • The Social Security Administration will not accept photocopies of your documents so make sure you bring the originals.

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