Florida Firearm Shipping Rules

Handguns must be shipped overnight.
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Shipping a gun, whether it is a handgun or a long gun, has the same rules in Florida as it does in any other state in the U.S. Because the laws are federally mandated, you must follow them in every state in the same manner. You must be legally able to own the gun in order to ship it, and ammunition must be shipped and marked clearly in all instances.

Unlicensed Shipper Guidelines for Handguns

In order to receive a handgun that has been shipped, you must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL). As with every state in the U.S., Florida residents must use a local gun shop or a person that they trust to receive a gun as a shipment. The rules apply to all handguns made before 1898. Antique firearms and replicas of models made before 1898 can be shipped directly to the collector, gun shop or enthusiast. Any unlicensed person can ship a handgun, but the recipient must possess a valid FFL license. The handgun must be shipped separately from other packages and must go Next Day Air. All ammunition must also be separately packed and clearly marked as ammunition on the outside of the box, but no markings that signify that there is a handgun may be placed on its corresponding packaging.

Shotgun and Rifle Guidelines

The rules for shipping long guns, including rifles and shotguns, are different than the rules set forth for shipping handguns. You do not have to send them next day air, but in most cases, you will need to ship them to holders of an FFL. You should always package the gun well and inform the counter clerk that the package contains a long gun, which is approved for the U.S. Postal Service as well as ground services from UPS and FedEx. Ammunition must be shipped separately as well, and the box in which it is shipped must be clearly marked for easy identification.

Rules for License Holders

As a FFL holder, the rules are basically the same, except that the U.S. Postal Service will ship a handgun for you if you fill out a special form. U.S. Post Office Form PS 1508 must be filled out completely and be filed with the branch who will receive the handgun. Also, as a FFL holder, you can receive a discount of 26% for priority overnight shipments through FedEx as a member of National Shooting Sports Association. All the same rules apply to the FFL holder for packaging the gun and shipping the ammunition separately in a clearly marked box.

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