How Do I Look Up Records of a Judgment in California?

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The public is allowed to view court records in California as long as the case does not directly involve a juvenile and a judge has not sealed the records. The Clerk of Courts in each county of California maintains and houses the records of all court activity, and most counties have implemented an electronic filing system which allows users to access records from any court case in the county via the Clerk of Court's website. To view the actual judgment issued in a court case however, you will need to go to the Clerk of Court's records division in the county that the judgment was issued, as copies of actual documents are not available in the Clerk of Courts' online filing system.

Go to the Clerk of Courts in the county that the judgment was issued.

Go to the Records Division of the Clerk of Courts.

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Inform the representative that you would like to view the records pertaining to a particular case. Give the case number to the representative so that they may access the records. If you do not know the case number, provide the names of the parties involved in the case, although it may be difficult for them to find records of older cases involving parties with commonly occurring names.

Look through the file and locate the Judicial Order. Typically you will be required to view case files in a secure room that cannot be exited without a representative's knowledge. If you would like to make copies of the order or any other documents within the file, the representative will assist you, typically at the price of approximately $1 per page.