Oklahoma Taser Laws

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A taser is a small handheld device that launches small projectiles into someone up to 25 feet away. The taser releases a small electrical charge that disables the body's electrical system. Many state and federal law enforcement agencies use tasers as a part of their standard equipment. The handheld weapons are illegal in seven states and several major metropolitan areas. In Oklahoma, tasers are in use by local and state law enforcement.


Tasers are legal for police use and for consumer use in Oklahoma. The devices are not illegal in any of the state's municipalities. There is no specific statute defining the use of tasers.


Using a taser while committing a felony will incur additional charges in Oklahoma. Tasers are not listed in Oklahoma's unlawful carry statute, which regulates which weapons are illegal for individuals to carry in a concealed manner. Law enforcement officers are issued a taser following a training class.

Use in Law Enforcement

There are no set regulations in Oklahoma for police to know when they may use a taser. Tasers are not considered to be completely safe, but they are regarded as a safer alternative to firearms. Typically, an officer will use a taser as a means of disabling a perpetrator and bringing a situation under control. Officers are advised to concentrate their shots in areas other than the head and chest to decrease the likelihood of fatality or injury.