Benefits for One Hundred Percent Disabled Veterans

One hundred percent disabled veterans are entitled to special benefits.
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Every veteran has sacrificed something in order to protect and defend the U.S. through military service. However, some veterans become injured or suffer physical hardship through service. One hundred percent disabled veterans are the penultimate example. Many are unable to find gainful employment due to impairment from their sacrifices. As such, 100 percent disabled veterans are entitled to certain benefits to help them manage life in the civilian world.


For federal employment, a100 percent disabled veteran is given tremendous advantage. According to, 100 percent disabled veterans receive a 10-point advantage for their application rating. Veteran spouses can receive benefits for state employment as well. In Michigan, the spouse of a veteran who is at least 50 percent disabled can receive hiring preferences.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

When some veterans become 100 percent disabled while performing military service, civilian employment options become severely limited. The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program are designed to help disabled veterans find work outside of their military work experience. The rehabilitation program helps pay for any retraining educational requirements and any work assistance equipment needed. For example, if a veteran has no use of his legs, Vocational Rehabilitation can provide a wheelchair.

Life Insurance

The Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (SDVI) provides life insurance coverage for rated veterans, even if it's zero percent rating. There are premiums attached to the coverage. However, 100 percent disabled veterans are waived from premium payments. They are also eligible for a $10,000 coverage increase. Beneficiaries may also receive payments from the insurance policy if they are unable to find gainful employment due to the disability.

Disability Compensation

As with all rated service connected veterans, 100 percent disabled veterans are entitled to financial compensation. As of 2010, each one is entitled to $2,673 nontaxable per month. The amount can be higher if the veteran has dependents. A 100 percent disabled veteran with one spouse and one child will receive $2,932 per month plus $75 for each additional child. The child benefits expire when the child turns 18.

Medical Care

All veterans are eligible for health care in the VA medical system, but enrollment is not automatic. Veterans must qualify through a special enrollment package and application to receive benefits. But 100 percent disabled veterans do not have to be enrolled to receive medical care benefits, which include immunizations, prescriptions, and disability treatment free of charge.

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