How to Obtain a Duplicate Canadian Passport

It is sometimes necessary to have duplicate passports.
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If you are a Canadian who travels frequently, it might be helpful to have a duplicate passport. For instance, you may need to arrange travel visas in advance of your entry into a country. If you do not have a duplicate passport, you are unable to travel anywhere outside of Canada while your passport is being processed for your new visa. It also is helpful to have a duplicate passport if you travel to politically sensitive countries, with one passport for just those countries and another for everywhere else.

Prepare a "Proof of reason" for the duplicate passport. For instance, some Middle Eastern countries will not allow entry to anyone holding a passport with an Israeli stamp. Or you must travel while waiting for a visa for another country. Confirmed air reservations, for example, can be your documentation.

Get two passport photos taken. They need to be 2 inches by 2 ¾ inches, in full color, identical and must show your entire face.

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Contact a local passport office. Locations can be found on the Passport Canada "Service Locations" website (see Resources). Because you have an unusual request, call and make an appointment, explaining that you will be requesting a duplicate passport.

Bring your current passport, photos and "proof of reason" to the passport office for your appointment. If your request is approved, you will be given an application to fill out. Submit your documents and the application and request the type of service you want, depending upon how quickly you need your duplicate passport.

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