How to File a Mississippi Homestead

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Tax benefits are always welcome by those who file income tax returns each year. Tax credits and benefits are offered for many items, including a primary residence. Homeowners in Mississippi may use their permanent address as an income tax break. Homestead exemptions give homeowners a tax credit that equals to 10 percent of the value of their main residence up to $75,000.

Visit your local tax assessor’s office to fill out the Mississippi Homestead Exemption form (see resources). To obtain a homestead exemption for the current year, you must file your homestead exemption before the end of the business day on the first day of April.

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Fill out the homestead exemption form provided by your local tax assessor’s office. Applicants who are joint owners only need to provide one signature if the owners are married and share the same last name. If owners have different last names the homestead exemption form will need both signatures.

Provide copies of your last tax bill, Mississippi driver’s license, Mississippi Vehicle Registration and the Social Security number for each owner. Driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations must show your current address. Once you’re provided all of the required information by the deadline, you will receive the Mississippi Homestead Exemption.


  • Your homestead exemption will be automatically renewed each year as long as there is no change in your address or marital status.