How to Obtain Free Online Public Criminal Records in Ohio

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Since the advent of the internet, finding public records are much easier, especially when it comes to searching criminal backgrounds. Most states have online resources for residents to find criminal history information, some that are free and others which charge a small fee. Ohio is no exception.

Search prison websites. Most state department of correction sites include an "offender locator," section that anyone can review. To search Ohio DOC inmate records go to its website.

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Find federal court records online. Some websites, such as the Public Access to Court Electronic Records website, provides charging, conviction and sentencing information for each federal district. Keep in mind that searching for records on the PACER site is free, but printing any information costs eight cents a page.

Go to individual Ohio county court sites. Some Ohio courthouses have their own websites that the public can search for free. For example, the Butler County clerk's office has a website that allows residents to review court records. To check if the county you are searching in Ohio has a free public website to go (See References).


  • Keep in mind some state prisons require a letter requesting inmate information. Other sites require a fee to search for criminal data.


  • Remember it helps to have a date of birth when searching for persons in criminal databases.

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