How to File a Court Motion in the State of Ohio

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A motion is a document filed with a court for a case that is currently pending or a case that has been disposed of already. A motion can be filed in a civil case or a criminal case in the state of Ohio. A motion is made for the purpose of requesting that the judge make a ruling on something or order that something been done in favor of the person making the motion.

Refer to a copy of a document that was previously filed with the court for the caption of the case and the cause number. Copy this information onto your motion. If you do not have any previously filed paperwork, call the court and obtain the caption and cause number.

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State what you are requesting from the judge in the body of your motion. Begin your motion with a statement, such as "Comes now the Defendant and files his motion to reduce bail and in support thereof states the following." List the reasons you feel support your request.

Include a certificate of service that certifies that you have sent a copy to the opposing party or to the prosecuting attorney in a criminal case. Sign the motion.

Prepare an order for the judge to sign. Title the order in the same manner as the motion. Allow the judge the option to grant the motion, deny the motion or set the matter for a hearing.

Make copies of the motion and order. Send one to the opposing party or the prosecuting attorney. File the motion and order with the court.


  • It is always best to consult with a licensed attorney before attempting to represent yourself in legal matters.


  • Many jurisdictions have self-help websites or centers that may have forms in civil cases that you may use.

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