North Carolina Sex Offender Registry Laws

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In North Carolina, being convicted of a sex crime is a serious offense. When convicted of a sexual offense, the person has to register as a sex offender. The state has specific sex offender registry laws that convicted individuals must adhere to.


Any state resident of North Carolina who has been convicted of a sexual offense must maintain registration with the sheriff of the county where he lives. If a person moves from another state to North Carolina, he must register within three business days of establishing residence or within 15 days of arriving, whichever comes first. If a person is a resident of North Carolina, he must register within three business days of being released from jail or prison. A person must also register immediately after being convicted of any offense that requires registration, even if no jail or prison time is served. Anyone that lives outside of North Carolina but has committed a reportable crime in the state, works in the state or attends school in the state must maintain registration with the sheriff of the county where the person is located.

Reporting Changes

Reporting any changes is a must when required to register as a sex offender in North Carolina. If a person has moved, he must report the change in person to the county sheriff where the registration was completed within three business days. If he moves to a new county, in-person registration with the new county must be done within 10 days of the address change. If a person is going to move out of state, an in-person report to the sheriff of the current county must be completed within three business days of the move. The new address, municipality, county, and state of the intended residence must also be given to the sheriff. If the person decides not to move, he must report back to the sheriff whom he gave notice to within three business days.

If a person required to register changes employment status at an institution of higher education, changes an online identifier or gets a new one, the person must report the change to the sheriff whom the last report was made.

Information Provided

Registration information consists of the following personal information: full name, every alias, date of birth, sex, race, height, weight, eye color, hair color, driver's license number and home address. Also required to be reported is all information pertaining to the type of offense convicted of, the date of conviction and the sentence given.

The sheriff must take a photo of the convicted individual at the time the person registers. A statement must also be given as to whether or not the person plans on becoming a student within a year of registering. If the person does plan to become a student, the name and address of the school must be provided. If the person is going to become employed at an institution of higher education or already is employed at one, he must provide the name and address of the institution. The person must also give the information of any online identifier that is going to be used. Reporting in person to the sheriff is required, and the person registering will receive written proof of registration upon completion.

Registering Time Length

Registration of this crime must be maintained for at least 30 years after the initial registration, unless after 10 years the person successfully petitions the superior court to lessen the registration time period.