How to Transfer Ownership of a Mobile Home in Texas

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The agency in Texas that handles mobile home ownership transference is the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), which will issue you a Statement of Ownership and Location (SOL). You don’t need a title, but you must apply within 60 days after you purchase the home or otherwise agree to the transfer.

The Transfer Process

You must fill out the TDHCA application and send it along with a receipt from the Tax Assessor-Collector showing that no unpaid taxes remain on the mobile home, as well as a release of lien from the prior lien holder. For example, if the previous owner financed the purchase of the mobile home and paid it off, that release of lien must be presented. The application will let you know what fees apply to your purchase situation. Once you have sent in the application and fees, the TDHCA will review it and contact you if it needs more information, or send you the SOL.

Other Scenarios

If you purchase a home from a licensed mobile home retailer, it needs to provide you with all of the necessary information to execute the ownership transfer and pay the fees. If the individual selling you the home never received a title or an SOL, then with your SOL application you need to submit something to support the sale, such as a purchase agreement or bill of sale. If you are moving the home, you will need a permit from the Texas Department of Transportation.