How to Write a Special Power of Attorney Letter

By Katriena Knights
A power of attorney is a straightforward legal document.

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A power of attorney letter provides legal, written permission for someone to act on behalf of another person in a matter of business or law. A special power of attorney letter states specific areas in which the appointed individual may act. It is important to know how to write a special power of attorney letter in a proper format and with appropriate wording so that everyone understands the scope and details of the powers being granted.

Get a template--it'll make it easier to write a special power of attorney letter. You can get templates from various legal websites or in template packages along with other commonly used legal documents. Some templates are free, but others must be purchased. When you choose your template, be sure it meets the legal requirements of your state.

Fill in the information regarding the principle and the agent. The principle is the person granting permission for another to act on his behalf. The agent is the person receiving the powers. The information required to identify the individuals involved differs from state to state, but at a minimum, you will require name and address. You might also need Social Security numbers or business ID numbers. If the agent is a business rather than an individual, you'll need a business address.

List the powers to be granted to the agent. These should be listed in detail to ensure only particular powers are granted. Stating the powers in terms that are too general could inadvertently allow the agent to perform actions or make decisions on the part of the principle that were not meant to be included in the special power of attorney.

Sate an expiration date for the special power of attorney, if applicable. If the powers granted to the agent are intended to be temporary, be sure to list the date on which they will expire. Otherwise the grant of powers could be taken to be indefinite.

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