How to Look Up My Court Date Online

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Any court case pending against you is a serious issue, and missing your court date will only add to your troubles, perhaps even in the form of an arrest warrant. Depending on how much information you have about the case, you can track down your court date online in a few easy steps, or in minutes by telephone.

Find out the jurisdiction in which your case has been filed. This is the county where the crime has taken place. You must know whether your case is in district court or superior court; it may also be in city court, or even federal district court.

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Find out your case number. This is one of the best tools you can use in looking up your court date. The case number may be obtained from a police report, or from the court where the case is being tried. These numbers can be very long, and may be different for each jurisdiction.

Call the court in which your case has been filed. If you know which judge is presiding over your case, call her office and speak to her assistant; the assistant should have access to court records, and will be able to look up the date and time of your court date by your case number or by your name.

Check your court date through the court’s website. Tracking it by case number will likely be the fastest way; you may be able to search by first and last name.

Contact one of the attorneys working on the case. Whether you have hired an attorney or are being provided one by the court, he or his assistant should have information on your court date. The prosecutor trying your case will also have the information; his phone number should be available on the website of the jurisdiction he represents.


  • Always know your court date to avoid an arrest warrant.

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