How to Transfer a Vehicle Title in the State of Tennessee

a Vehicle Title, Tennessee
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In Tennessee, there are a few simple steps needed to complete the transfer of your vehicle title. This can occur if you decide to sell it or give it away as a gift. It can also be a situation where a vehicle exchanges hands as a result of a death.

Obtain your Tennessee vehicle title. Fill out the "assignment" section on back of the title. If your vehicle is less than 10 years old, you will also need to fill out the Federal Odometer Disclosure by listing the current mileage.

Fill out a Tennessee Odometer Statement if your vehicle title does not include a section to include mileage.

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Include the MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) with your vehicle transfer paperwork if it was originally purchased the same year.

Get a current copy of your vehicle registration receipt. This will be needed if you want to transfer your license plate to another vehicle.

Remove the license plate off the vehicle that is being transferred.

Prepare for your County Clerk's office visit. Gather all of your paperwork. Bring proof of your identity and Tennessee residency.

Talk to a County Clerk and pay your title and registration fees that are required for transferring your vehicle.


  • Just in case the County Clerk office needs it, include any current emissions testing information you have with your vehicle transfer paperwork.
  • Title and registration fees depend on the county you live in.
  • If you are gifting your vehicle, you may have to pay taxes based on the vehicle's fair market value. You will also need to obtain a gifting/Low Selling Price Affidavit form (Form RV-F 1301201) with your paperwork.
  • If you are selling your vehicle, you may want to include a Bill of Sale for yourself and the recipient.
  • Use your Driver License, Photo ID card, original certified birth certificate, military identification or Photo Learner's Permit as proof of your identity. These cards or documents must list your full name and date of birth.
  • For proof of Tennessee residen, you can use a current utility bill (such as electric, water, telephone or cable), but it must include the postmarked envelope that it came in. Other residency documents you can use are current bank statements, rent/mortgage contract, pay check stubs, auto/life/health insurance policy, Tennessee voter registration or receipt for real estate taxes within the last year.