How Can I Find Out if Someone Has Posted Bond?

Prisoner in County Jail jumpsuit
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You can easily find out if a bond has been posted for someone by calling the county jail. This will tell you whether a person who has been arrested on criminal charges has provided money to the court so they can be released from jail until their court date. The bond can come from several sources. If the suspect can't raise funds themselves, their family or friends can post the bond or a bondsman can be retained. If the suspect misses their court date, the money given to the court is forfeited. To discover if bond has been posted, start by locating the relevant county jail.

Call the jail or the sheriff's office in the county the person was arrested. You can find the appropriate phone numbers online, in the phone book or by calling Information.

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Provide the person's name, arrest date and what the charges are.

Inquire whether the person is still imprisoned or a bond has been posted. While the details of the case are confidential, you can be told whether the person is still in jail.

Check the website for either the sheriff's office or a victim's advocacy site, such as VINELink, and enter the name, birth date and offender ID number (if available). Their records are regularly updated and you can find out what jail the person is held in or whether they have been released.

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