How to Know If Someone Got Picked Up on a Bench Warrant

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A bench warrant is an order a judge issues for the arrest of a person, according to There are many reasons a judge might order a bench warrant for your arrest, including failure to pay child support. Bench warrants simply mean that a person was to be in court, on the bench, and failed to appear, according to Finding out if a person was picked up on a bench warrant is rather easy.

Search, National Center for State Courts, for the person's local state court. NCSC's website includes a comprehensive list of court Web sites and has been providing this information online since 1995. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, search, which is helpful, depending on what state the person resides in. The site does not have information for every state in the United States.

Call the person's local police department and ask if there is an outstanding warrant for the person. Arrest warrants are public information. The receptionist will tell you if a person does have an outstanding bench warrant and will provide you with information on where the warrant was issued and what county jail the person might be in. Ask who else you should contact.

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Call the jail where you believe the person is incarcerated. If you are unsure of the jail's telephone number, call 411. Ask the jailer if the person for whom you are looking for is in custody at the jail. The jailer will also be able to provide you with bond information and hearing details.


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