How to Check for Warrants in Missouri

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In Missouri, warrants are almost always issued by a judge and recorded in the court records. The easiest way to check for warrants in Missouri is to search the public records online or contact the sheriff's office or a law enforcement official. Warrants can be issued for minor infractions, such as failing to report for jury duty, or for major violations where there is evidence of a crime. You can find out if there's a warrant against you so you can resolve the matter or you can check the status of a family member, friend or potential employee.

Online Search of the State Court System

The Missouri state court system maintains a statewide public database that you can use to search for parties, court judgments and charges in the public court system. Visit, then input a person's last name and click on the tab for Docket Entries. This shows if the person has a warrant against them. Searches can be narrowed by county, city, type of charges and alias information for more accurate searching. Some types of cases are not public record, such as domestic violence matters and those involving juvenile offenders. You may have to hire an attorney to search these cases on your behalf.

Search Via the County Sheriff's Office

If you know which county has issued the warrant, call the local sheriff's office and ask for the warrant department. Many counties keep a directory of active arrest warrants by the person's last name. Some Missouri counties, such as Greene, Boone and Cass, post a list of active warrants online that include details of the offense and the age of the offender. Recent changes in the status of warrants may not be reflected online, so be sure to phone the sheriff's office for the latest information.

Visit Third-Party Websites

Various third-party websites provide free warrant searches in Missouri, although you may have to pay a fee for accessing some public records. For example, Missouri Warrants Directory has some free search tools to look up outstanding warrants. Similar websites are available that provide state, local and city information. Third-party websites are not connected to state or federal law enforcement agencies and may not be as up to date as official databases. It's worth following up your search with a call to the sheriff's office or local law enforcement to make sure the data is correct.

Check With Law Enforcement

You can also find Missouri arrest warrants by visiting any law enforcement office and asking them to look up the person's name for you. Every local law enforcement agency throughout the state of Missouri has access to several databases that together provide a record of outstanding warrants. Be aware that if you're searching for your own information and there is an active warrant out for you, the police can arrest you on the spot.