How to Find Out If a Person Is a Registered Sex Offender?

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Once a person is convicted as a sex offender, he is required to register with local authorities in the jurisdiction in which he lives and works. The national sex offender public website run by the U.S. Department of Justice maintains a database of offenders. Knowing if sex offenders live in or near your neighborhood and local school districts can help you keep your family safer, because you can use it to determine which streets or neighborhoods you allow your children to play in.

Log onto the Internet, and visit the national sex offender public website at the link in the Reference section of this article. Read the terms and conditions of use for the website.

Click on the "I agree" button when finished reading the terms and conditions. A new screen will appear.

Type in the verification code provided to you by the site, and hit the "Continue" button when you are finished.

Type the last and first names of the person you think might be a sex offender in the "Last Name" and "First Name" fields. Click the "Search" button. To make an advanced search, leave the "Last Name" and "First Name" fields blank, and click on the link below the "First Name" field labeled "Click Here." Fill in as many of the identifying sections as you can, and then hit "Search."

View the search results as they are displayed. If the person is not listed and you still suspect the person is a sex offender, try clicking on the "Public Registry Sites" tab in the top menu choices. Click on the state in which you think the person lives, and follow the screen prompts to perform the search.


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