How to Withdraw a K1 Visa in Process

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A K-1 visa, also referred to as a fiance visa, is a special visa issued to a foreign national who is the fiance of a United States citizen. A K-1 visa allows the fiance to legally enter the United States for the purposes of getting married. Upon getting married in the United States, a K-1 visa holder becomes a permanent resident. If you would like to cancel a K-1 visa petition that is in process, you may do so by contacting United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in writing.

Find the most recent correspondence you received from USCIS pertaining to your K-1 visa petition. Copy both the address of the USCIS Service Center processing your petition and your USCIS receipt number. This information is found at the top of all USCIS correspondences.

Write a letter addressed to the USCIS Service Center processing your K-1 visa petition requesting to cancel your K-1 visa petition. The letter must contain your USCIS receipt/case number, full name, date, address, phone number and your signature. Have the letter notarized and then keep a copy of the notarized letter for your records.

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Mail the letter via certified mail to the USCIS Service Center address found in the most recent USCIS correspondence you received.

Receive confirmation from USCIS that your K-1 visa petition has been canceled within two weeks. Unless your receive written correspondence from USCIS confirming that your case has been canceled, do not assume so.

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