How to Sign Over a Vehicle Title in Texas

By Mike Broemmel
a vehicle title, Texas

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Texas state law establishes a specific procedure to be used to sign over a vehicle title in the Lone Star State. The same basic procedure is used whether a vehicle is sold, donated or given as a gift. The failure to follow the procedure outlined by Texas law to transfer title to a vehicle can result in a the conveyance being deemed ineffective. The process involves government agencies at both the state and county levels.

Locate the current certificate of title for the vehicle in question. As the owner of the vehicle, you should have the certificate of title. If you do not have the certificate of title, contact the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles--Vehicle Titles and Registration Division at 512-465-7611 to obtain information on obtaining a replacement.

Turn the certificate of title over to find the space for assignment.

Write your name in as the current owner, as the person transferring the title to the vehicle.

Insert the name of the person to whom you are transferring the title.

Add the odometer reading at the time of the transfer.

Include the date of the sale or other transfer.

Sign and date the assignment on the certificate of title.

Obtain an Application for Texas Certificate of Title. You can obtain this form from your local county tax assessor's office or off the Internet from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Complete the Application for Texas Certificate of Title.

Take the certificate of title (with the completed assignment) and the Application for Texas Certificate of Title to the county tax assessor's office.

Present these documents to the staff of the county assessor.

Pay whatever taxes and fees are due and owed relating to the transfer. The county assessor will submit the forms to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will send a new certificate of title to the new owner.

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