How to Find the Title for a Horse Trailer in Texas

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If you have a horse trailer with a Texas registration or license plate but have lost the title and need to find a replacement, use these items to get the needed replacement title. Texas requires you go to a branch of the state's Department of Motor Vehicles to present the completed forms, ID and fees to receive the title.

Look along the trailer's towing arm to find any serial number stamps or plates. Write down the serial number. Some trailers may have vehicle identification numbers. If the trailer has an alphanumeric VIN code, write this down as well.

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Collect any old bill of sale or proof of ownership such as old insurance cards or documents. Write down the license plate number of the trailer should it still have plates.

Bring the documents and information along with a government-issued picture ID and fee to a branch of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Ask for form VTR-52-A or VTR-34. Ask the clerk what form is the most appropriate for your situation based on the information you have.

Fill out the form and present it to the clerk along with the fee and picture ID. Receive the new title.


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