How to Search Criminal Arrest Records

Public criminal arrest records are public domain and available for anyone to view. Searching and viewing such records is not as difficult as you may think. The following steps will provide you with the best ways to view someones criminal arrest records.

Gather Required Information

Gather together all of the necessary information required to look up an arrest record. For most searches, this information will include the person's name and city of residence. When conducting such a search it will help to have additional information such as birthday, approximate age, etc.

Start your search by going online and accessing a website that provides criminal arrest records. A good place to start is on free background websites such as Upon accessing the appropriate website, simply fill in the information fields, submit and view your results.

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Refer to my resources section for listings of a few more websites that offer arrest record searches. Many such sites are offered free of charge, however more thorough and accurate websites will charge a small fee for their services. Consider trying 2-3 of these websites to help increase your chances of finding the records you are looking for.

Use the arrest records you find to do background checks on babysitters, potential employees, dates, locksmiths, etc. Searching for arrest records is a strong line of defense against potential criminals and predators.

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