How to Change Your Name If You Are in the Military

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Any military person may change his or her name. Marriage and divorce constitute the two main reasons for a name change in the military. The Army and the Navy both require a letter requesting the name change. The request must accompany legal copies of documentation that proves the name change. For other than marriage and divorce, an individual may petition a civilian court that has jurisdiction for a name change. On the approval of the petition, the individual goes through the same steps as any other name change request.

Write a letter requesting the name change. Provide the old name as well as the new name in the request. In the case of a divorce, you must ask the court to restore the maiden name during the divorce proceedings. Otherwise, you will need to go back to court to request the name change.

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Provide the reason for the change in the request. Be specific and include dates if necessary.

Attach copies of the proper documentation that proves a valid name change. Attach either a copy of the marriage certificate, divorce decree, or a legal document approving a name change.

Send the request and documentation up the chain of command for approval.

Stop by the personnel office to verify the name change has become a part of the official military record.

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