How to Find Attorneys for Lawsuits Against Labor Unions

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Labor unions were created to protect workers’ rights and in many cases today, still do. But sometimes, disagreements arise between union members and union leaders, and these disagreements can lead to the mismanagement of member claims, violations of the member’s rights, and often, significant financial hardship for the member. When this happens, the union member can file a lawsuit against the labor union to pursue compensation for her related damages.

Find Lawyers in Your Jurisdiction

The first step in finding labor lawyers to handle a case is to search for labor lawyers that serve your jurisdiction. Lawyers are licensed at the state level, so if your case involves violations of state law or state requirements for unions, you must find labor lawyers who are licensed by your state bar. Some union disputes invoke federal law, in which case your lawsuit might instead be handled in federal court. In this circumstance, you need to find employment lawyers who are certified by the federal bar.

During each consultation with a lawyer, ask where she is licensed to practice. Many lawyers are licensed at the federal and state levels.

If you are not sure whether your case should be handled in state or federal court, ask a lawyer during your initial consultation. With the details you provide, she will be able to determine where the case will be handled and whether it is an issue she is qualified to represent. If she is not qualified or licensed to represent your case, she may refer you to another lawyer who is equipped to handle your case.

Ask for Referrals

Your friends and colleagues are a useful resource for finding employment lawyers to handle your case. Ask in person or shoot over a quick text asking, “where can I find attorney for lawsuit against labor union?” If your friend or colleague has gone through a similar challenge to the one you are facing, he can ideally give you helpful advice about the legal process alongside his lawyer recommendation.

Research Lawyers With Union Litigation Experience

Once you have narrowed your search to your geographical area, conduct a search for “find attorney for lawsuit against labor union.” Often, conflicts that arise between unions and their members are resolved outside of court – and this could be how your case is resolved. But there is always the possibility that your case will head to court, which is why you need to find labor lawyers with litigation experience.

Many employment lawyers handle union disputes. Choose a lawyer with as specific a focus as you can – if you can find an attorney whose practice solely handles union dispute cases, he is typically the ideal choice for your case because he is a specialist, rather than a generalist.

Find Employment Lawyers With Relevant Experience

The final qualifier to consider when deciding on a labor lawyer to handle your case is to find a lawyer who has specific experience handling the issue you are facing, or at least a sufficiently similar issue.

You might find employment lawyers who focus primarily on contract breaches or OSHA violations, and if your case involves neither of these issues, these lawyers are not the ideal lawyers for your case. This is because every legal area is nuanced and requires an intricate understanding of these nuances and all the possibilities litigants can face. An employment lawyer with a great track record with OSHA violation cases does not necessarily have the expertise to successfully litigate a union dispute.

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