How to Find Attorneys for Lawsuits Against Labor Unions

By Anna Green - Updated March 17, 2017
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If you have suffered financial damages that were caused by the actions or inactions of a labor union, you may have grounds to bring a civil lawsuit. Begin your search for an attorney by talking to other workers or companies who have been involved in lawsuits against labor unions and ask for personal recommendations. Once you have located attorneys interested in reviewing your case, review the firm’s policies, fees and credentials carefully before retaining their services.

Narrow your search to attorneys in the proper jurisdiction. The attorney who represents you must be licensed to practice in the state that has jurisdiction over your case. This will generally be the state in which the labor union caused the damages leading to you lawsuit.

Search for lawyers who specialize in labor law. Although any licensed attorney will be qualified to handle your case, you will maximize your chances of success if you seek out lawyers who areexperienced in litigating labor union and employment issues.

Get a bar association recommendation. State bar associations and the American Bar Association offer attorney recommendation services. These services will allow you to narrow your search to lawyers currently in good standing with the bar association and who specialize in labor and employment law.

Review news stories from your area. In addition to general news outlets, review articles regarding successful lawsuits against labor unions that have taken place in your area. Often, these stories will list the name of the plaintiff’s attorney.

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