How to Register an ADT Security System With the Police Department

Receiving the full benefit of an alarm system is a joint effort between efficient alarm companies and prompt public safety responders. Requirements will vary by jurisdiction on how to set up your ADT system with police and the type of permit which might be necessary. Ensure to understand the rules and regulations of your specific state before activating your new alarm.

Contact local police. According to Bob Tucker, spokesman for ADT, municipalities differ in both permit application processes and user requirements for operating an alarm system. Some municipalities require alarm system users, both residential and commercial, to obtain a "user permit," which provides the necessary information to properly respond to alarm activations and establishes accountability in false alarms.

Go online. Many city websites have guidelines for purchasing recognized alarm systems for your home or business. Some websites have a checklist of criteria that you can review to ensure your alarm is provided by an acceptable company. It's common for cities to require alarm companies themselves to be licensed. Be sure to select a licensed and reputable company to provide ongoing service for your equipment

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Check with local alarm companies. Most alarm businesses should be able to explain local requirements associated with your new system. Police agencies generally don't monitor alarm systems directly, but rather professional alarm companies monitor the devices, perform false alarm verification techniques, and then notify the police in emergencies.

Provide the alarm company with your correct personal information. After receiving the proper alarm permit, it's usually the alarm company which gives your data to responding police agency. Responding officers need to know your address and the type of alarm you have such as a medical, motion detector, or glass breaking alarm. They also need to know the names of any assigned key holders to the building or house.


  • Keep in mind that having numerous false alarm notifications during a calendar year can result in fines for the user. Also, some jurisdictions do not allow certain alarms. Milwaukee Wisconsin for instance, prohibits "panic button" alarms while others require outdoor sounding devices automatically shut off within 15 minutes.

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