How to Report a Dating Scam

Stop all communication with the con artist. Forward all future communication received from the con artist to the proper authorities. This includes your local police and federal authorities, as well as your embassy and the embassy of the con artist.

Gather your documentation. This includes copies of e-mail exchanges between you and the con artist, phone logs (your phone company can supply a log of calls from your account), receipts for any money or gifts you've sent, the address where the money and gifts were sent, and any information about the con artist, including photos, name and address. Include your complete contact information and a copy of your passport (if applicable) when submitting your complaint.

Submit your documentation and complaint to the authorities. This includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation and your local police. You also should file a complaint with your embassy and the embassy of the country of the con artist. File a complaint with the con artist's dating service Web site, as well as with the ISP.

Protect yourself from future scams or retaliation. Place a fraud alert on your credit report. Change your e-mail address. Cancel any credit cards and close any bank accounts used to send payments to the con artist. Changing your telephone number and even moving to another location are extreme measures to consider only if you think your life is in danger.



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