How to Change Street Address Numbers

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Street address changes are handled by the zoning department in your local municipality. Uniform street addresses make it easier for 911 personnel to find your house in an emergency, and also make it easier for you to find your way around town. It's primarily for those reasons many municipalities insist on house numbers that adhere to local regulations. For example, Springdale, Arkansas street addresses are calculated by the following formula: percent of the total distance into the block plus the block number. You may be able to change your street address number if you can show your number was incorrectly allocated, if it is a duplicate number, if you have changed access to your residence, if you have divided your lot, or if you have converted a building from multi-family to single-family or vice-versa.

Check with your local zoning office to find out what regulations pertain to your municipality. Zoning offices can often be found online, or call your city, town, or village hall and ask for the land use and zoning department.

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Obtain a change of street address form from the zoning department. A sample petition for change can be found in the Resources section below; you should get a form similar to this one from your local zoning department.

Fill out the form and file it with the required fee and supporting documents. Supporting documents may include copies of building permits and surveys.


  • Check with your local zoning office to make sure you are eligible for a street number change before you file; application fees are usually non-refundable, and can be expensive.

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