How to Cancel a Pre-paid Legal Membership

By Lily Leung - Updated March 23, 2018

Legal woes and questions pop up at any stage in life. They tend to be pricey, complex and cumbersome. Pre-paid legal service companies market themselves as a kind of low-cost insurance for run-ins with the law and major life events that may require legal counsel. If you've signed up for one of these memberships and decide it's not for you, you can cancel through a few different methods.


If you no longer want to subscribe to a pre-paid legal plan, you can usually cancel at any time through the phone or email, but there may be exceptions. Be sure to check your contract for cancellation instructions.

What's a Pre-Paid Legal Membership?

How it generally works: You pay in advance for future legal services covering cases like traffic accidents, landlord-tenant disputes and divorce. Would-be business owners can also tap into this resource for issues such as contracts and patents. LegalShield and Hyatt Legal Plans are among the major companies in this industry.

Offered through employers and other outlets, pre-paid legal services tend to highlight affordability as their strongest selling point. They promise quick legal assistance in bulk at a rate the masses can afford.

Members who need legal help can typically call a number and be routed to a legal expert for a consultation. Service plans vary. Most basic memberships cover only a couple phone sessions, while pricier packages offer services such as document review, will preparation and consultations for emergencies like arrests.

How to Cancel a Membership

If you're not happy with or no longer need the service, you can usually cancel your membership at any time by calling a hotline or by email.

If you have a LegalShield plan, simply send an email or letter with your membership number and personal details to or LegalShield, P.O. Box 2217, Ada, OK 74820.

With Hyatt Legal plans, your enrollment will typically run the benefit year and can be canceled only during open enrollment.

Some companies accept only written requests for cancellation. Generally, the cancellation request letter should include your membership number, personal information and a sentence stating you'd like to cancel your subscription effective immediately. You may be required to send this information to a support email address or physical address. Specific instructions can be found on your provider's website.

Other pre-paid-legal service providers allow you to cancel through a customer-center hotline. They'll ask you to confirm your membership details before canceling your plan.

If you're enrolled in a pre-paid legal membership through work, coverage is often renewed automatically each year. Chances are, you'll be able to cancel your service only during your company's open enrollment window. If in doubt, call your provider or Human Resources department.

Don't Forget Proof of Confirmation

Whether you're calling or writing, always get written confirmation of the cancellation. Refund and cancellation timelines vary by company, so be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of your plan.

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