How to Obtain Mexican Driving Records

When obtaining information about a driving record from a foreign country, you must remember to be courteous and patient if you are to achieve your goal. Receiving a driving record from Mexico can be just as easy as it is in your home country, if you have the correct information and the details they require to give out the information. This process will take anywhere from two to three days to process.

The name of the individual you are requesting information about

Step 1

You must have the name of the individual you plan to obtain the information about. Without the complete name, most agencies will not be able to assist you with this process.

Step 2

The Mexican driver's license number, very much like U. S. state-issued driver's licenses, can be found generally under the individual's name and address. However, in other circumstances this number is in bold type at the very top or bottom of the card.

Step 3

A date of birth may also be required to fulfill the request. You must remember that the chances of someone else having the same name and a driving record close to what you are looking for will be great. So narrowing down the search for the agency will make things go much faster and easier.

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