How to Find a Person on Probation

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If you need to determine whether someone is on probation, there are resources available. Basic information about whether a person is serving a term of probation is not protected by any privacy law and is considered public information.

Determine in which state and specific locality a person was prosecuted for a particular crime. The simplest way of identifying the court in which the case was pursued is to contact the clerk of the court's office and provide the name of the individual in question.

Ask the clerk of the court for information on the sentence imposed in the case. Keep in mind that although the clerk of the court may be able to confirm that a defendant was sentenced to probation, the clerk may not have information on whether the offender remains on probation.

Contact the local probation office attached to the court through which a defendant was sentenced. The probation office will be able to provide you with basic information about the individual's probationary status.

Make contact with the U.S. Probation Office in the appropriate jurisdiction if the individual was convicted of a federal crime. The local U.S. Probation Office can provide you with information on an offender's probationary status.

Check back with the appropriate probation office from time to time if you need to maintain current information. An offender's probationary status can change in a very short period of time.


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