How to Find a Forwarding Address for Free

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When an individual or a business moves, it can be a challenge to find the new mailing address. Services like FedEx charge a fee for obtaining a corrected forwarding address. But you can often find a forwarding address without paying a fee.

Obtaining a Forwarding Address

Send Mail to Old Address

Send mail to the old mailing address. On the letter or package, write "Address Correction Requested." This will alert the post office to send you notification of the new address in addition to forwarding the piece of mail. If the mail is returned, the forwarding address should be included on a sticker that is placed on the returned letter or package.

Contact a Relative or Friend

Contact a relative or friend of the person who has moved. If you're on good terms with the person, a relative or friend will often provide the person's new address. Or he will offer to forward the letter or package on your behalf along with a request for the person to get in touch with you.

Contact the Alumni Office

Contact the alumni office for the person who has moved. If you also went to the same school, the alumni office might forward a message to the person asking him to get in touch with you. If you didn't attend the same school, that is less likely. But it's not impossible to persuade the alumni office to forward a message on your behalf.

Search Online

Try using online telephone directories like or a search engine with the person's name and their town as the search term. If you have their telephone number, there are also reverse number lookups available through sites like


  • Address correction is only available when the person has filed a permanent change of address with the post office.


  • If you have the person's email address, you might find that is the quickest and most efficient way to request a forwarding address. Businesses often include contact information on their websites, including forwarding addresses and general email addresses.

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