How to Become a Police Officer in Spain


To obtain a job with a police force in Spain, an applicant must be of Spanish nationality, and have a valid ID (D.N.I.), and a valid driver's license that includes class A and B.

Anyone interested in this career must graduate from high school or obtain a GED. The police force only accepts applicants who are between the ages of 18 and 29.

The minimum height for a man is 5-feet 7-inches (1,70 m) and 5-feet 5-inches (1,65 m) for women. Applicants must be in good health and physical condition.

Have a clean record. Those who have been convicted of a felony or served time in an institution will be rejected and unable to enter the program. Also, applicants must agree to carry weapons as part of their enrollment.

Applicants who desire a job in the national, provincial or local police forces are required to pass a competitive public examination in the civil service. Candidates with higher rankings are chosen. After the applicant has been chosen, detailed physical examinations and endurance exams must be passed.

Working as a guard for a business is a step forward to becoming a police officer because of the basic training that guards receive.

Obtain good recommendations from the company or companies in which you have worked.


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