How to Order a Driver's License Online

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Ability to Drive

Having a revoked, suspended, expired or restricted license will normally prevent you from ordering one online. In states such as Texas, you must pay off or dispose of outstanding traffic tickets to renew online. Depending on your state, you must renew or replace it in person if your vision has gotten worse or you have a physical or mental condition that might impair your ability to drive. States such as Nevada require you to renew in person every other time, regardless of your driving history.

Age Requirements

Age requirements for replacing or renewing a license vary by state. For instance, in Texas, you must be between 19- and 78-years-old to order online. The District of Columbia and states such as California, Idaho, Iowa and Louisiana don't permit online renewals if you're 70 or older. If you live in Illinois, Indiana or Massachusetts, you can renew online if you're younger than 75-years-old. In New York, a driver under age 25 can replace online once. New York drivers 25 and older can get one replacement every 30 days.



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