How to Find Out What Hospital Someone Was Born In

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When someone is born in a hospital, records and details about their birth are logged into a file, which contains information about the birth and any abnormalities about the procedure. These records can be very informative if you know where to look, and finding out what hospital a person was born in is just a matter of wading through paperwork.

Know the state. Every state has a bureau of vital statistics that keeps birth certificates, along with other information about the population. When a person is born, a copy of the birth certificate is filed with the state's bureau. If you already have a copy of the birth certificate, skip to Step 3.

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Request the birth certificate from the vital statistics bureau. Birth certificates are a matter of public record, which means you will have to submit a public records request to the bureau to get a copy.

Find the location. Look on the birth certificate, because sometimes the hospital is listed on the certificate. If it is not listed, locate the town or city listed as the birthplace on the certificate.

Find local hospitals. Take the location of the birth and make a list of hospitals that are around that area.

Call the hospitals, and ask them to look up the name you are searching for in their records.


  • The more information you already have, the easier it will be to find out where someone was born.

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