How to Get Free Criminal Records Online For Pennsylvania Residents

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You can search Pennslvania criminal records online by going to the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System website.

Pennsylvania allows anyone to search criminal records online. Pennsylvania Common Pleas offers online users the ability to search for magistrate, court of common pleas and appellate records. The Court of Common Pleas is for felony, misdemeanor and other such criminal charges.

Go Online

Go to the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System website (see References). Scroll down to the "search type" option and select Participant Name. Fill in the last name and then the first name in the appropriate fields given. If you do not know the person's date of birth, then just leave it blank. Search for specific counties under the option given if you know the county. Otherwise, leave that option alone. Leave all other options alone except the "date filed" option. Select a date range in which the criminal charge occurred. Click Search. Move your mouse over the icon next to the individuals name that has a magnifying glass when you have found the correct record. Click "docket sheet." Scroll through the PDF docket sheet and read the information about the individual.


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