How to Clear Up an Arrest Warrant

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To clear up an outstanding arrest warrant, you will need to either take care of the initial case that led to the arrest warrant being issued or prove to the judge that the arrest warrant is not valid. Once the court verifies your location and confirms that there is an arrest warrant, you may be taken into custody immediately, so it is advisable to speak with a criminal defense attorney before checking on arrest warrants with the court.

After you have spoken to a criminal defense attorney, verify whether you have any active arrest warrants through the Office of the Clerk of the Court. The clerk in the jurisdiction where the allegation took place can confirm when and why the court issued an arrest warrant.

Compile proof that the issues leading to the issuance of the arrest warrant have been remedied. If there is an active arrest warrant for you, you will need to show receipts or other documentation to prove you should not be taken into police custody.

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If you discover that there is an active arrest warrant for you, will need to attend court to resolve the issue. Go before the judge and make your case.

Even if you have taken care of the issue leading to the arrest warrant, it is advisable to speak again with a defense attorney who can verify your state's criminal procedures and help you file the documents necessary to clear up the arrest warrant.