How to Disprove and Defeat False Accusations

By Contributor - Updated June 05, 2017
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The American justice system is far from perfect. One of the biggest problems is when people lie about events to gain an advantage in court. This article is gonna tell everyone some simple tips to disprove and defeat false accusations.

What you want to do when setting out to disprove and defeat false accusations is to find factual impossibilities and claims you can prove to be untrue. In order to do this the first thing that someone should do is obtain a copy of the affidavit which is obtainable from the court.

Once you have a copy of the exact statements made against you start searching for untrue statements. A person could look for statements that are factually impossible or time based events where you can prove your presence somewhere else at the time.

The best way that you can prove time based events false is with your work schedule. In most situations a time clock or form of time keeping will be able to prove where you were during the event. Your boss and co-workers will also be available as witnesses to help you disprove and defeat false accusations.

Another way that you can prove location or actions related to time is with phone records. If a person claims you done something at a certain time and your phone records show you on the line at that time it instantly hurts the credibility of the claim. This is just another thing that you can do in order to disprove and defeat false accusations.

One final way you can disprove and defeat false accusations is by providing as many witnesses as possible to challenge the claims. The higher ranking the witnesses are in terms of credibility the better of course. Your boss, a church leader, doctor, teacher or any other person with social status will be valuable in your defense.


Always act calm and collected in court.

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