How to Tell if a Texas Driver's License Is Real?


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You can tell if a Texas driver's license is fake by observing its photos, magnetic strip and laminate.

Counterfeit driver's licenses are a problem, and governments are cracking down and implementing advanced security measures to combat the several threats these fakes pose to the American people. Texas, in last few years, has issued a new driver's license with a some pretty nifty features. If you want to tell the real ones from the forgeries, you have come to right place.

Look for the digital printout. The license should have no raised surfaces, which indicates that new and unlawful information has been placed on top of the original license and under the laminate.

Observe where the photos are on the license. Adult licenses have the photo on the right side. License for people under 21 have photos on the left with the date that they turn 21 listed.

Flip the license over and locate the magnetic strip on the back. It has been redesigned to hold data that quickly allows merchants and others to scan the license to see if it has been altered or counterfeited.

Check the license to see that it is encased in the "PolaSecure" laminate, which renders it nearly impossible to tamper with without evidence of such left behind. This laminate is thick to the touch, yet still flexible.

Look for the word "Texas," which is imprinted in ultraviolet ink under the laminate. It is visible by holding the license at an angle.

Check for the microprinting around the Texas flag in the upper-left corner and around the Texas state seal in the upper-right corner. Fake licenses typically show continuous lines instead of microprinting.


  • If you are presented with a potentially fake Texas driver's license, check to see if the picture matches the person handing it to you. Also, make sure the signature on any receipt matches the one on the license.

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