How to Apply for a Work Visa to Japan

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If you are interested in working in Japan, you must apply for a Working visa. You must receive employment from a Japanese company as a professor, artist, religious activities, journalist, investor/business manager, legal/accounting professional, medical professional, researcher, instructor, engineer, or specialist in humanities/International Services to qualify for Working visa. In addition, the Japanese company must be at least one year old before it can hire you for a Working visa. You must apply for your Working visa in person at a Japanese embassy or consular office that has jurisdiction over your state of residence.

Step 1

Have the company that has offered you the job file for a Certificate of Eligibility on your behalf at the regional immigration office of your intended place of work.

Step 2

Have the Japanese company mail you an original copy of the approved Certificate of Eligibility. Make a copy of the certificate.

Step 3

Get a color 45 mm x 45 mm photograph taken of yourself within six months of your visa application.

Step 4

Visit the Embassy of Japan in the United States homepage and then download a Visa Application form (see Resources).

Step 5

Print the application and complete the form by hand, making sure to answer every question. If a question does not apply to your case, write "N/A."

Step 6

Affix your passport photo your completed visa application form

Step 7

Visit the Japanese embassy or consulate that has jurisdiction over your area of residence (see Resources) and submit your application and supporting documents, including your valid passport.

Step 8

Collect your visa, upon receiving notification from a Japanese Consulate/Embassy staff that your visa has been approved, by going back to the embassy or consulate at which you applied. You may be required to attend a visa interview before your application is approved.



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