How to Fill Out a Quit Claim Deed Form

~ Read the Form Completely Before Beginning to Fill it Out ~

If you don't know where to buy a quit claim deed form, you can get them on the internet or in an office supply store for very cheap. Once you have your form, read it carefully and make sure you know what you will be filling out. Follow all directions relating to ink color, etc.

~ Fill in Your Information ~

Complete the portion of the form that asks who the deed is being filed in request of.

~ Fill in the Grantor Information ~

You'll now need to fill out who you are granting the property to. For example, if you are giving up interest as part of a divorce settlement, you'll want to fill out your ex-spouses name in this area. You'll need to enter their address information as well.

~ Enter the Purchase Price ~

If you are giving your interest as a gift, you can enter $1. Otherwise, enter the price that you are selling your interest for.

~ Enter a Legal Description of the Property ~

This may be the most confusing part of the entire form. A legal description must be done in a specific way. If possible, use another form to get the legal description of the property. These are usually found on tax forms, mortgage paperwork, or the original deed to the property.

~ Finish filling out the quit claim deed form by signing ~

The form is completely worthless without your signature, so make sure that it is signed by you and dated. This is the most important part of all!

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