How to Reverse a Quit Claim Deed

Get the form for the Quit Claim Deed that is legal in your state. Contact your county recorder of deeds or a local attorney to procure a state-specific form.

Complete the form. In the Grantor space, the current owner(s) of the property should put their names. In the Grantee space, all people who will be owners when the deed is executed should be listed. This means the person who was previously quit-claimed off the deed, plus the person(s) who remained on the deed.

Complete the address of the property and the legal description, which can be found on the deed.

Sign the quit claim deed in front of a notary public and a witness. Both the Grantor and Grantee must sign the deed. If multiple persons own the property, they must all be listed as Grantees and they must all sign the deed if they wish to retain their ownership rights.

File the newly signed and notarized quit claim deed with your county recorder of deeds. You have now successfully reversed the previous quit claim deed.



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