How to Find Out If Your Tennessee Driver's License Is Suspended

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Find out the status of your Tennessee driver's license quickly and easily online by entering the license number at the state's Department of Safety and Homeland Security Driver Services website. You can also telephone, write a letter or send an email.

Driver License Suspension in Tennessee

Tennessee will suspend your driver license if you have too many infractions in too short a time period. The state uses the point system to monitor driver conduct. Each violation or ticket you get adds to your points.

If you get 12 points in 12 months, you're called to an administrative hearing and given the chance to take a defensive driving class instead of a suspension of your license, or to reduce the length of a suspension. If you don't ask for, and attend, the hearing, your license is suspended for six to 12 months.

Tennessee can also suspend your license for reasons that have nothing to do with points. Whatever the reason for the suspension, you will eventually be eligible for reinstatement. For a list of the steps you must accomplish to get your license reinstated, enter your identifying information, including driver's license number, in the Department of Safety and Homeland Security Driver Services website.

Check Status of Tennessee Driver's License Online

If you aren't sure whether your Tennessee driver's license is suspended or you don't know if it's been reinstated, the Driver Services website provides quick and easy answers. It gives you information about status and reinstatement specific to your license suspension.

Enter your name, driver's license number, date of birth and Social Security number, then navigate to "View reinstatement requirements/pay reinstatement fees." This shows your current status. If you are working toward reinstatement of driving privileges, the list of requirements for reinstatement will dwindle.

When you have met all of the requirements for reinstatement, your status changes to eligible, valid or expired. You can get your license reissued online if the status is expired, or you can apply for a license at a Driver License Service Center if your status is eligible.

Alternative Ways to Check Status of Tennessee Driver's License

If going online is not a possibility for you, use other ways to check the status of your driver's license. Call the agency at 866-849-3548 or 866-903-7357. If you have your license number and identifying information, you should be able to learn the status of your license by phone.

You can also write to the Tennessee Department of Safety Driver License Issuance at 1150 Foster Avenue, Nashville, TN 37243 to determine the status. Another alternative is to send an email inquiry to

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