How to File Bankruptcy Online

Technology today helps cut down some physical travel time for those looking to file bankruptcy. It is possible to use online software to obtain the necessary forms to get your bankruptcy started.

Locate and download all forms needed to file your bankruptcy. Online software is available to help you fill out your forms. If you prefer not to fill out the forms yourself, you can hire your lawyer or a paralegal to fill out these forms for you.

Prepare a list of all creditors that you owe money to. Find out where you need to file your forms. Each court requires a specific number of copies for filing bankruptcy; this is in addition to your making a petition to the court. It is important to make a list of everything you need to not delay the filing process.

File online. Most courts allow this type of filing only through the Pacer Service Center by an attorney, and there is a fee for this service (see Resources for the link). However, this does not take the place of your signing your papers in person.

Prepare to present yourself. There is no way of getting around presenting yourself before the court. This meeting, called the 341-creditor meeting, is simply a meeting of all parties involved so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is happening. If you choose to do your bankruptcy alone, only you need appear; if you hire an attorney to represent you, he may accompany you, but ultimately you must still appear to state your case.


  • You cannot file online yourself; only an attorney can file in this manner.


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