How to Check Your Driving Record Online

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If you're curious about what's on your driving record or you just need a copy of the record to give an employer, an online search may be your easiest option. Several vendors will facilitate an online request for a report from your state's Department of Motor Vehicles. In most states, you can download and read the report in less than an hour.

Search and Find

Search "driving records online" to get the URL addresses of service providers that can facilitate a request for records. Alternatively, navigate to your state's motor vehicle department after searching "online driving record request (your state)." The search should turn up a link that will take you directly to the appropriate page within the larger DMV site. If you've got time to spare, you can go to the nearest DMV, take a number and file an in-person request.

Fill out the Form

Complete the online request form if you're using a third-party vendor. You need to input your name, address, date of birth, the state from which you're requesting the records, your driver's license number and the purpose of your request. The last item must be allowed by state law. If you've gone to the state's DMV website, download and complete the appropriate records request form, and submit it by mail. You will need to pay a fee; in Minnesota, for example, it's $9 for a noncertified copy and $10 for a certified copy if you are the subject of the request. A certified copy can only be furnished by mail.

Check the Record

Check the returned record if you've ordered an online report. According to the vendor References-etc, 47 states return the record in less than 45 minutes, while Alaska and Hawaii can take up to five hours and Pennsylvania, which needs a printed and signed form submitted, takes up to two weeks. The record should have the status of your license and should note any commercial endorsements, moving violations, accidents, driving-under-the-influence offenses, suspensions, revocations and the number of "points" on your license, if your state has a points system.

Clearing Record Information

Complete the appropriate request form if you need to correct information on your driving record, such as a moving violation conviction. You'll have to do this directly through the state DMV, which will require a printed request form. In California and other states, any request to clear a conviction or points from your record must have supporting documents, such as an official court order or decision. Turnaround time on any correction is normally several weeks, assuming you've submitted all proper documents.

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