How to Find If Someone Has a Criminal Record

It is often necessary to find out if someone has a criminal record. Employers usually require this information before hiring an applicant. Frequently needing background checks, individuals or companies may enroll as a member of a national criminal records database service. If the information is not needed frequently, a personal visit to the county clerk's office is sufficient. Public records are often available by request.

Obtain personal information of the person in question, such as their first and last name and current address, if known. Public records are listed at the county clerk's office, where you can obtain the information needed by personally requesting it.

Become a member of a searching firm that provides the service of online searches, if background checks are needed frequently. As a member, you will be charged for every search you make, whether the individual has a criminal record or not. Criminal background checks from a national criminal records database will provide information needed concerning an individual.

Enter the first and last name and the current address, if available. The service provides information on individuals with criminal history, address history, aliases, employment history and arrest warrants.

Enter the secure website, pull up the information and save the electronic reports to be printed. All searches are kept confidential and you will not be identified.

Access to FBI and state criminal records are restricted to government personnel, such as prosecutors, police and some employers.


Records that have been expunged are not available. Records sealed by a judge are not available.

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