How to get a free consultation from a lawyer

Finding the right lawyer to serve your needs can be a difficult decision. Many people do not have the money to make several appointments with different lawyers to find the right one to do the job. Whether it be a divorce, child custody, a will drafting or any other legal matter, getting a free consultation can help you decide if you want to use a particular lawyer for your needs. It will also help you save money in the process.

Step 1

Make a list of all the lawyers you would like to try and get a free consultation with. Ask friends, coworkers and relatives for recommendations. You can also look in the phone book or online business directory for lawyers who specialize in your area of need. Write down the lawyers' phone numbers beside their names for future reference.

Step 2

Call the different law offices. Let the secretary know your need, and ask if the firm gives free consultations. If so, make an appointment immediately. If not, ask the secretary to take your number and leave a message for that lawyer. When the lawyer calls you back, let him know your situation and that you understand that he is not giving free consultations at this time. Ask if he plans on having them in the future or will make an exception. If a law firm really wants your business, the attorney will most likely give you a free consultation or a lower price.

Step 3

Ask about qualifications and fee structure -- whether it's based on the service, such as a will, hourly or on a contingency basis.


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