How to Dismiss a Lawyer

Firing a lawyer is not a matter to be taken lightly.
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Legal disputes often become complex, so you may need the help of an attorney to resolve a legal problem. But sometimes you may not be happy with the attorney that you have retained to represent you. You have the right to dismiss or fire your lawyer at any time, but firing a lawyer is not a matter that you take lightly. Should you decide to dismiss a lawyer you should do it in a proper manner. You should change attorneys in a matter that does not negatively affect your case.

Step 1

Call the attorney and tell him or her that you want to terminate his or her services. Give the lawyer notice that you do no longer want him to represent you.

Step 2

Send a registered or certified letter to the attorney that clearly states that you are dismissing him or her from your case. State the effective date of termination. Do not go into a detailed explanation of the reason for termination.

Step 3

Ask the attorney to release your case files. The lawyer can send these files to you, or your new attorney.

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