How to Sue a Dentist

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Although people normally avoid court, you may have a good reason to consider bringing a lawsuit against your dentist. The most common reason that people decide to sue their dentist is for malpractice. The plaintiff feels as though something the dentist has done lead to a more serious dental problem. Keep the following in mind if you are mulling over suing your dentist.

Switch to a new dentist. If you plan to sue your current dentist, switch to a new one and attempt to get any problems your former dentist created fixed. Remember to get a copy of all your dental records first.

Write down the entire situation. Use a calendar to recall dates on when you went in to the dentist. Creating a timeline may also be helpful. You need to have a detailed explanation on how your life and health have been permanently affected because of the mistakes that were made.

Look for a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice suits. Many of these firms employ lawyers who have dental expertise.

Speak to a lawyer. Let him know what has transpired between you and your dentist. See if he thinks that you have a case or not.

Go to court or settle the case out of court. If the lawyer feels that you have a case, she will work with you to see what type of monetary damages you should ask for. You may need to go through court proceedings or simply settle with the dentist through arbitration.


  • Malpractice is not the only basis for suing a dentist. Lawsuits are also brought against dentists who have failed to diagnose a serious condition, like oral cancer.
  • Nerve injury is a common reason that people file a malpractice suit against their dentist. The patient may have permanent numbness or lose their ability to taste.