How to Sue a Prison

Filing a law suit can be an arduous and sometimes stressful experience. However, if you sue an entity such as a prison it can seem somewhat hopeless to get justice for any wrongdoings or negligence done by a U.S. correction facility. However, many constitutional rights still apply in prison and must be maintained. Follow these steps to sue a prison and receive justice for any wrongdoing.

Determine the legal reasoning for filing suit against the prison. Write down in plain language the nature of your complaint.

Search for a lawyer to help you with your case; preferably one familiar with civil rights laws or criminal law. Contact the ACLU for possible legal representation for your case.

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Make an appointment with an attorney to discuss the possibility of a case. Write down any and all information that you will need to tell the attorney before meeting with them to ensure that the full story is communicated.

Carefully go over the constitutional rights of a prison inmate. If you were a worker who was mistreated, then the case can be treated as any other workers compensation or harassment case. File your suit against the prison after determining you have a strong and legally viable case for mistreatment.

Obtain a full copy of inmate rights from the prison in question. Contact a prisoner's rights organization to help with expediting your case and to learn more about the nature of prison mistreatment.


  • If you are still a prisoner, it is best to contact your lawyer to ask about the best method to sue a prison while still incarcerated.
  • Ask a prison official what organization advocates rights for the particular prison you are suing.

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