How to Anonymously Report Drug Dealing

By Legal Editor - Updated June 08, 2017
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Drug activity can seem strangely obvious or can be so covertly hidden that you never seen it happen. If you see suspicious activity, how do you report it? What information do you need to give the officers? How to you stay anonymous? Use these tips, and learn how to anonymously report suspected drug activity in your neighborhood or area.

How to Report Anonymously

Depending on the area you live in and the gravity of your report, you should consider calling your local police or sheriff's department to submit an anonymous tip. When reporting, request they not use your name before revealing anything.

If you are not comfortable reporting directly to the police or sheriff, you can contact your local citizen watchdog group like Neighborhood Watch or a nonprofit like the Crime Stoppers organization. When you submit a report, you can rest easy knowing that all reports are anonymous. A quick search can point you in the right direction of your region’s Crime Stoppers or Neighborhood Watch branch.

If you believe that you need to report to a federal agency, you can now submit your tip online. Both the FBI and the DEA have forms you can fill out. Simply visit the site online for more details.

Things to Consider

Though you want to do your due diligence as a citizen, reporting (even anonymously) can come with some risks. Gather specific evidence with caution, but do not put yourself in unnecessary danger. If there's organized drug activity in your neighborhood, the people selling the drugs might become violent if they find out that you intend to report them.

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